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Appointment Policy:


Appointments are scheduled to ensure adequate time for full patient care and average of 45 minutes depending on your condition for initial assessment and 30-45 minutes for follow-up appointments. Please advise us 24 hours in advance should you require a cancellation or you will be billed for your appointment.



Fees are structured according to the South African Society of Physiotherapy practice codes and vary according to each condition and treatment used. ICD10 codes are utilized to facilitate reimbursement from your medical aid or insurance fund. You are expected to pay after every consultation and we accept all major credit cards and Snapscan payments. 

**We are currently not a VAT Registered Physiotherapy Practice.



Physiotherapists are considered first-line practitioners, which means that you do not need to have a referral letter to make an appointment with us. However, we work closely with other healthcare practitioners such as GP’s, Sports Physicians, Orthopaedic surgeons, and Biokineticists. Unless requested not to, communication occurs between the practitioners to allow for a holistic patient-centered approach.

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